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Wild Icelandic Horses

Secrets revealed part two
unit 6

covering metal with fabric and luck

We played a bit with covering buttons with fabric in our first class.

Here we will be covering metal blanks with fabric, but the sky is the limit you could also use leather, cork fabric, lace .............

Why not add some doodad fringe or a tassel.

And finally to finish up the class we will be bringing in some luck

by decorating horseshoes, so gather your supplies,

your odds and ends and lets spread the luck and love.

Covering metal with fabric

First you need some metal blanks to cover, I gave you a few links in the supply list. That's not to say you can't cut some cardboard into a shape and cover it as we did in my first class.

Keep in mind the material you plan on using to cover. If using suede, felt or cork fabric you simply use the metal blank as a pattern. You can edge the piece with no worries of fraying.

On the other hand if you want to use ribbon, or fabric you will need to seal the cut fabric edge. And warp it around your blank stitching in on the backside.

No worries you got this.

We will also be learning to make some doodad Velcro fringe.

Your first assignment for unit 6 is to cover a component with fabric, and add some Velcro doodad fringe.

Please watch the video below on how this can be done.

DSC03005 copy.JPG

What metal blank and fabric you use will determine how to cover it. Above leather was used so making a pattern was easy.


Your center piece design will depend on how much material you need to cover in the middle. You can also add some pieces of embroidery to layer on top of you fabric at the ends.


Once your center piece is beaded you can glue it over the fabric covered metal blank, which isn't blank anymore.

Doodad tassel


What better way to use up all your odds and end than to make a Doodad tassel

lucky Horseshoes

I have found a few horseshoes along my paths in the woods and life it self.

I always felt honored and blessed when I did. Each one is different as every horse has a different hoof.

No worries if you don't where horse wandered, Etsy has a large selection of shops that sell old horse shoes. Keep in mind you may have to clean them as mud, grass and other things get stuck in the holes.

What great gifts these make, and also a great way to use up cabochons and components that are on the larger size.

Your last assignment for the unit 6 and this class is to decorate a horseshoe.

Please the video below to get inspired and let the luck flow.


Don't chase your dreams,

hop on and ride them !

DSC03060 2.JPG

Thank you all for joining me on this journey.

May your road and shoes be filled

with all kinds of wonder full

experiences, inspirations, and joys.

Blessing to you all

with much love


Heidi Frieda Kummli

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