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secrets revealed part two
unit 4
embroidery patches

Much like the the fabric patches and labels we used in Unit 3

embroidery patches are a bit more versatile.

There are so many to choose from and the colors and the designs quite exciting.

Embroidery patches are much easier to cut and shape as needed

so you can use them in bracelets, necklaces, or in our case a collar.

Have fun with searching for your patches new or vintage.


Embroidery patch collar

Everything about making this collar was such a pleasure, from finding the embroidery patch, the center cabochon, down to making the flowing fringe.

Yes I struggled because I wanted to honor the components, I wanted it to be

the best it could be.

I though about doing Velcro fringe but somehow that cheapened it for me.

I am including a pattern for you to use, but please only use it as a starting point, allow your piece to grow with your desires and heart.

So yes your first assignment for unit 4 is to make a collar or necklace using some embroidery patches.

Please watch the video below to get started.


flowing fringe and tassels

Fringe beautiful fringe who doesn't love it right?

Yes it takes time to make it but as beaders we are good at being patient.

I have a certain way I do my fringe and it has taken me a lot to give the secret up.

The way I do my fringe also opens the door to tassels, and who doesn't love tassels lol.

Your second assignment for unit 4 is to add some flowing fringe to your collar or necklace, and if you so desire a pair of matching tassel earrings.

The video below show you how it's done.

DSC09980 2.JPG

Start by cutting a piece of suede as long as you want your fringe to be. Mark the placement of the spacing for the strands on the bottom of the suede. String on your first strand and slowing allow it to grow by adding a few extra beads each time.


Use the beads of your choosing, I like Czech 4mm beads for my fringe along with size 9 cut Check beads on the top. Bugle beads also like to play in fringe.


once your fringe is done simply glue it onto the back of your piece. I stitch the sides of it along with my edging.

bonus pdf

I was fortunate to be the cover girl on Bead & Jewellery issue # 107 in 2021.

For the instructions to make this cool embroidered cuff

click on the button below.

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