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Initiation armor 2020

Plagues and pandemics have affected us before. We have survived. We remain diligent in our resilience.

This is my contribution to the FB group "Breathe", started by Nathalie Bertin and Lisa Shepherd. An invitation to make an artistic mask. I loved the process and the challenge of the design itself.

My beadwork is usually inspired by an emotion, or a component of some sort. For this project the whole idea resonated with me. And then there was the silver dragonfly bracelet, that has been in my bathroom for 2 decades. I spotted it the other day while I was pondering my mask. It spoke to me about transformation, it was asking me to incorporate it in my piece.

The year of 2020, has been like an initiation for humankind. We are all really experiencing a shift in how we live and honor the Earth. If we follow our normal ways of life, not honoring the other beings we live with, polluting, in a rush for everything and everyone, greed and material things. One can go on and on, as to what the change we need to make is, and perhaps different for everyone. If we don’t meet the challenge or the initiation, then we didn’t learn or suffer enough.

I feel that these mask, all of them so beautiful and different, can remind humankind that there is still beauty in the world. Despite all that is happening, nature and art are still all around us. We can step back from the rush of life, and once again use our hands, smell the flowers, be thankful for what we have, appreciate all life on the planet, love, share, give. Let's embrace this initiation, and make the changes we need individually to make the world a better place for all our descendants, and being upon her.

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