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Secrets Revealed
unit 6


Welcome, I tried to save the most challenging and time consuming piece for Unit 6. Many of you have probably made a collar necklace and for those of you that haven't I am excited for you. Collars don't have to be huge but perhaps their message can be.

This are a great place to use your larger focal, allow your creation to grow further than the boundaries in the template provided.

We will also be making a necklace and a brooch. Necklaces are fun to make as the possibilities are endless. There are so many ways you can make the pendant hang or include the cording as part of the whole.

Brooches are fun, fast, and easy, they can have a huge punch for something so small. So lets dig in, allow yourself to take the time needed to finish this last unit in style. Take your time, breathe, open to spirit, walk in nature, listen to the beads.


Unit 6 part one
The Necklace


Necklaces are so fun to make, and you have so many choices as how you want to finish them. You can bead a cord as I will show you in the video, you can add a simple bail, or incorporate leather cording. They can hang from chains, cord, beads, wire, lace, the list goes on. You can make them small and delicate, large and opinionated or in-between.    I will be showing you how to do a webbing bezel and also how to feather an edge.

The photos and written materiel along with the video below will get you started.

Assignment for Unit 6 Part One

Make a Necklace.

sc0004bed402 copy.jpg

Adding a webbed bezel around a cabochon is easy. Bring your needle up through one of the beads around your cab, add 3 -5 beads, skip over two, and push the needle into and out the third bead in the row. Add another 3-5 beads repeating the same process. Once around your cab go back up through and out the second or third bead in the second row, depending on how many beads you added ( Diagram shows using 3 beads). Add 3 beads and into the second or third bead in the following row. Once around pull snug around your cab.


Layout your necklace design than glue your main focal to your foundation. Use grid-lines to help with lay out.


Add the webbed bezel to you focal if desired. If you are layering your pieces, glue them in place. The lace focal I used was also tacked down around the edge for extra security.

Once your beading is done you can add the feathered edge, or wait till you have edged the piece. More on this in the video to follow.

unit 6 part two
The Collar


I recommend in unit 4 to use your components and lay out the collar first. Mainly this is because you will be using most of the components in this piece, but also because it is your master piece of this class. Use the template as a starting point, try to keep the beads within the perimeter of the top inside collar for comfort, but beyond that anything goes. Don't be scared by the size of the piece, sure it may take a bit more time to complete but if you are a beader you have plenty of patience.

You can finish your piece with fringe of course, I didn't get much into that in this class because it will be in my next one. But there are oh so many ways to add dangles, leather fringe, or perhaps nothing at all.

Enjoy the process, I can't wait to see what you create.

Please enjoy the photo and written content below, along with the video on making this collar.

Assignment for Unit 6 Part Two

Make a collar.


Using the template pattern transfer this to your foundation of choice, use the center-line as a reference point.  Layout the components as you had imagined in unit 3, remember things may change as it grows nothing is permanent. Glue you main focal in place and start beading.

Continue to glue your components and grow your piece, are they going to flow off the edge,

make a different shape, will it be symmetrical. What do you have in your stash that will fit perfectly in that one little spot, and do you have another for the other side.

Once you have completed your piece, give it a good check over. Is it balanced, do the colors flow, do you need an extra bead over there. Trim with care.


Using two hole beads is a great way to add color, texture, and fill up space.

I like to build up on the ends where my cording or stringing will be attached. This way I have plenty of room for cording.

Fill in all the little areas with smaller beads to keep your edge nice and even, unless this is part of your design. It also makes for easier edging.

Can you pull some of your matching components, colors, stitches to make a matching dangle.

unit 6 part three
The Brooch


Brooches make great gifts, and they are so quick to make. I feel it is well deserved after all I have put you through. It is a great way to use up some funky components you may have made or having lying around.

So lighten up and have some fun.

Enjoy the video below.

assignment for Unit 6 Part three

Make a brooch.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me !
Peacefully Heidi Frieda Kummli

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