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secrets revealed part two
unit 3

blessing bags using fabric patches and labels

This unit is full of fun and blessings as we start to play with fabric patches and labels.

Fabric patches are easy enough to find, you may even have a few hanging

around from your childhood from camp or if you were a scout.

Labels are the same thing you may find a sweet label on the back of your jeans or shirt.

We will be transforming these bits of sweetness into blessing bags, adding some cones dangles and some twisted funky dangles.

blessing bags with fabric patch


Blessing bags are small necklace bags that one can fill with a blessing, wish, dream, or intention.

What great gifts they make, or perhaps just a sweet necklace to wear.

Here we will be exploring with using a fabric patch to add another layer of color, charm, and richness to your piece.

Enjoy the process of searching for your patches, and fabrics to bead upon.

The raven

The Raven blessing bag was fun to make, by layering the raven cabochon

on top of the patch gives the piece so much dimension.

Take the time to figure out what foundations you want to use

and material you want to make your bag from, leather, felt, cork fabric work great because they don't fray.

We will be going over adding cone dangles in the next video.

Your first assignment for unit 3 is to make a blessing bag

using a fabric patch to layer upon.

Please watch the video below for instructions.


Play with laying out your design first, what materials will you use for your bag. I like to use a few, ultra suede makes a great lining that can be folded over cork fabric, felt or leather. Find a cabochon that you might be able to add on top of the patch to make it pop.


Bead around you cabochon first sometimes less beading is better so as not to cover up too much of the patch. You can always add more beads around the patch and other areas.

Adding cone dangles

Adding cone dangles to your blessing bag or any necklace is fun

and gives the piece a tribal feel. The cones make a sweet jingle sound and are easy to work with.

The bags pictured below are made using fabric labels which we will be covering in the last video in unit 3.

Your second assignment for unit 3 is to add cone dangles to your blessing bag or any necklace you have a fancy to use.

The video below shows you how.


Blessing bag using Fabric label

DSC03021 2.JPG

Not much difference in a fabric patch or label other than one is a bit stronger and easier to find, while the label is more delicate and is usually attached to some clothing.

I guess I could have just taught you about the patch but than one of my secrets wouldn't have been revealed.

I find a good search can take you to so many different places and ya just never know what you may find along the way,

enjoy the journey.

Your third assignment for unit 3 is to make a blessing bag using a fabric label and add some funky twisted dangles.

Please view the below video on how .

bonus video
how to make tiny blessing bags


Blessing bags don't need to be large, when I first started making them they were quite small. I can blame it on Covid as I wanted to make something for some of the front line care givers and service people, something to give them strength and hope.

These little bags were created using ribbon, felt and ultra suede. The little pouch allowed me to add a small angel coin.

Please enjoy this video which is always available on my YouTube station.

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