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secrets revealed part two
unit 2

loom work with large beads



In Unit 1 we learned and explored using seed beads that were consistent in size.

In Unit 2 we will be using size 11 beads and weaving in larger beads.I find that the 3mm and 4mm Czech beads add a rustic tribal feel to the work.

Of course you can add any size bead you are drawn too, just keep in mind that you want your seed bead count to match the larger bead size. So your warp threads will be spaced further apart to accommodate the larger bead.

This will also make the process go faster and easier.​

We will also be adding some fringe, and learning how to weave our warp

threads back into the loomed bead work for a finished edge.

Making a cuff bracelet

Using the same techniques as in unit one, we will be adding larger beads

into our design. Your warp threads will be spaced further part allowing for the larger beads. Watch the video below to learn this process along with adding some fringe and stone.

One of the assignments for unit 2 is to make a bracelet or pendant using a few larger beads, adding fringe and a cabochon.


Adding a cabochon on top of your loom work isn't much different to adding it to any foundation. Spread a bit of glue onto the loom work as well as the cab.


Start your fringe on the end after the piece has been taped. You can hide the knot on the back where the tape rest.


Space you fringe evenly using the beads in the loom work to weave in and out of. Add additional beads in each strand to help the strand slowly get longer.

adding a button


Adding a button to the center of your loom work can certainly be a plus.

It adds some extra excitement to the design.

The technique of adding the button to the warp thread might be a bit challenging but isn't that why your here?

I used to add porcupine quills or bugle beads to my loom work in a similar way.

Stringing on these items as we warp can add a new dimension to your loom work.

We will also be learning how to weave our warp threads back into the loom work

in this way your ends won't be taped but rather hidden.

This also allows you to had a clasp on the ends.

Please watch the video below to learn all about the above techniques.

The second assignment for unit 2 is to make a bracelet, add a button and a seamless end.


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