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Dandelion Parachute Seed

      secrets revealed class 
                    Part Two

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Grow Your Vision and skills
a second time

this six week online bead embroidery course will challenge and inspire.
Designed for those who have taken my first secrets revealed class or experienced bead embroidery artist.
If your interested in my first secrets revealed class registration starts july 15th 2024.

In this six week online course Heidi will walk your through her process of, bead Loom work, twisted leather and bead fringe, blessing bags, using fabric patches, flowing fringe, making tassels, epoxy glue enameling, painting metal, Velcro fringe, covering metal with fabric, horse shoe luck.

Heidi has over 4 decades of bead embroidery skills which she wishes to share at this time in her life. This is the second part in a series of online classes she hopes to share.


the class start date is June 3rd and will run through July 17th 2024

Each week the student will receive a link to new class materiel which will include videos, and written material along with photos. Each week the student will be invited to attend a Zoom meeting where students can ask questions and Heidi can share info on the unit. These meeting will be recorded so if you can't make a meeting you will recieve a link to the recording.

There will also be a private FB group for students to share and ask questions. This class is designed for the student to take at their own pace. The material and links will be up for 6 months after the class is over. The YouTube video links will be available as long as Heidi lives.

Unit 1 • Loom work rose pendant with twisted dangle.

           • Velcro twisted leather fringe and tassel.

Unit 2 • Loom work bracelet using large beads with fringe.

           • Loom work bracelet adding a cabochon and clasp.

Unit 3 • Blessing bag using a fabric patch and adding cone fringe.

           • Blessing bag using a fabric label and twisted dangle.

Unit 4 • Embroidery patch collar.

           • Flowing fringe.

           • Making a flowing tassel and earrings.

Unit 5 • Epoxy glue enameling components.

           • Make twisted beaded fringe.

           • Painting metal components for pendant with chain tassel.

Unit 6 • Covering metal blanks with fabric.

           • Velcro doodad fringe, and secret hook.

           • Making a horse shoe wall hanging.

The price for this six week course is $275, it does NOT include any supplies. You will be making some focals and components and also be using your own stash. The photos above are what Heidi made while designing and videoing the class. A supply list will be supplied with the basics needed, but most supplies you already have just waiting to made into something sweet. A short video will be sent along with the supply list to inspire you as to what you will need.

Please be aware the the email you use for payment and signing up is also the email that will be used to notify you of class information. So if you wish to use another email please let Heidi know, thank you.

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