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Beaded Object class 2024


The 5th Beaded object class is scheduled to start Feb 20th 2024

This is an online class which is spread out over a 5 week period.

The class has 5 separate units, each one designed to slowly take you through the process of designing and making your beaded object.

Unit 1: Patterns and Foundation.

Unit 2: Designing

Unit 3: Lessons in Patience.

Unit 4: Assemblage

Unit 5: Finishing

Each week you will have access to a unit which will be available to you on my website. I will email you each week with zoom recorded meetings, zoom meeting links and any new info, so please make sure the email you sign up for is the email address you want to be notified by. You will be given a password to access the materiel on my website in the first email I send the week of Feb 12th 2024.


In each unit there will be written content available, PDF's and videos for you to watch and learn from. The video links will be available in the PDF for each unit so you can access them long after the class finishes.

You do not have to be present to take this class. You will have access to all the materiel online to view and learn at your own pace.

We will also have a weekly Zoom meeting, where the students can ask questions directly to me. These generally last about one hour, and they will be recorded so if you can't make the meeting you can watch them later. The first meeting is scheduled for Wed Feb 28th @ 11:00 am MST, each following meeting will be same time each Wednesday.

We will also have a private FB group, which you can join upon signing up. This is a great place to share ideas, inspire one another, ask questions, or find info. It helps if we are friends on FB so I can find you and invite you.

A supply list, and video on finding an object will be available on the FB group page. Or you can email me and I will pass it along.

You are required to supply all your own materials for the class. Everyone has a pretty sizeable stash of beads and components. You will also need to hunt for an object, I recommend keeping it under 6 inches. Etsy and second hand stores are great places to look. I find the hunt to be very enjoyable.

Come join the fun, the journey, and open yourself up for the challenge.

Below are photo's of previous students beaded objects.

Price for the 5 week online class is $250

Please note that the email you register with is how I will contact you with information about the class, thank you.

Jennifer Englert Shibona.jpg
Adrienne E. Cantler.jpg
Josane Demuylder.jpg
Camilla Vought Tate.jpg
Nathalie Sizabuire.jpg
Sheila Davis.jpg
JoAnn Pepperell Edwardsen.jpg
Rosemary Holland.jpg

Heidi’s Beaded Object class is one not to be missed. It was a real adventure in beading and pushing oneself into new concepts, a new way of seeing objects and a bead stash, patience and staying with a project. Nothing seemed too small or too big for Heidi to try and give her students a way forward. If anyone feels like their beading has grown stagnant or if someone is seeking new ideas, take this class. You will not be disappointed and the format is extremely flexible so it is easy to fit this awesome resource into their daily life.
Donna 2022

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