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​                   Taking reservations for summer 2017

Come to the mountains and enjoy a day with Heidi learning, exploring, beading away the day. Make a amulet necklace or your choice of what you want to make and learn.

Taking reservations for Summer 2017   June ~ August

Workshop 1 Price $325.oo

Price includes 6 hour workshop Amulet Necklace or

your choice of what you want to learn one project per person please.

Light lunch, all supplies and materials.

Work shop 2 Price $625.00

Price includes 2 6 hour days Amulet Necklace or your choice of want you want to learn 2 projects per person please.

Light lunch, all supplies and materials.

 For every extra person the price will go down $20.00 size limited to 6 people.

Please contact Heidi for reservations or questions.


• Shaman Bead Workshop •

June 10th~11th 2017

Saturday 9:00am~4:00pm     Sunday 9:00am~4:00pm

Projects: Learning basic porcupine quillwork and making animal totem necklaces

2 seats remaining

June 24th~25th 2017

Saturday 9:00am~4:00pm     Sunday 9:00am~4:00pm

Projects: Dream Catchers with Rose Red Elk and making animal totem necklaces.

1 seat remaining

Price $550.00 Limited to eight people in each class

Shamanism has changed my life, brought me closer to the teachings of our ancestors and the Earth. I have been studying this spiritual practice for over 6 years now and graduated level 4 of Shamanism 101. I am now learning to teach this amazing life changing practice in hope that by shifting the way we look at the Earth and all creatures we can learn to become that which can possible help to save our planet and ourselves.

I have also been beading for over 35 years mainly focusing on Bead Embroidery. I feel the two have a connection. When I bead it opens my heart, I can feel the universe, the tree’s, the animals. When I practice Shamanism I feel the same connection, yet it’s about bringing that healing back into the world.

The seed has been planted many moons ago about doing this workshop, and in the spring of 2015 I invited six women to join me in this workshop.
I feel everyone enjoyed and learned and hopefully will never forget the experience. So now I am opening it up to the public for you to experience.

A weekend to open up and learn about yourself.

A weekend to learn and understand Shamanism the oldest form of
spiritual healing on the planet.

A weekend to bead a totem animal necklace using a special animal.

A weekend to enjoy the fresh mountain air and take a walk.

A weekend of good food, drink and company.

But most importantly a weekend to get inspired, to feel and honor our ancestors and ground ourselves into the earth teaching and gifts.

A time to bond and grow new relationships.

Price of $550 includes two six hour days of workshop time.
One hour each day for a special lunch and afternoon snacks. All materials for the beading projects, written material for further practice.

If this is something you are interested in or have a question Please email me.  heidikummli@gmail.com
Thanks so much Peacefully Heidi F Kummli


W O R K S H O P S   •  2 0 1 7 •


Polar Bear Pendant or Bracelet Workshop

Polar Bear Pendant and Bracelet
Sunday May 21st  11:00 am ~ 4:00 pm


For more information visit Ornamnetal beads

Ornamental Beads LLC • 5712 West 38th Avenue Wheat Ridge, CO 80212 • 1-800-876-6762




Attending one of Heidi’s private workshops was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.   For me, the experience was well worth the cost of the class.  Heidi is a natural teacher who effectively leads you through the experience of designing, assembling, and finishing a bead embroidery project in a single day.  With a positive and encouraging manner, she teaches you the techniques you need to know and shares tips based on her experience and expertise.  As your piece evolves, she provides design guidance in the form of options to consider and alternative techniques to employ .  It was a concentrated eight hours, but time seemed to fly.

One of the things I appreciated most about the workshop was that it was not completely prescriptive, I was given the opportunity to select design components from a vast array of choices (cabochons, antique buttons, and other design elements) and then combine them into a piece that was a unique reflection of my personality and taste.
Heidi is a consummate bead embroidery artist with a willingness to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

By Cathy Sand-Soll

Heidi~I just wanted to thank you again for a motivating Saturday. I absolutely loved the one~on~one instruction. Your insight was extremely helpful and I am totally stoked about my new piece. Hope we can do it again..real soon!


Thank you so very, very much for a wonderful workshop!! I will always cherrish the special treatment! The genuine welcome, the delicious breakfast and lunch, meeting a woman who is an inspiration to so many and discovering that she is everything and more that I had heard about her.   

By Meg

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the 2day's spent with you.  I've never felt so strongly about getting to a class ever.  Now I know why.  Some classes (retreats) are great but don't leave a mark on your heart; this one did.  I don't think I've ever met such a peaceful person.  That peace seemed to flow through both Terri and myself.  Everyone loved our pieces and some were talking about maybe next year. 

By Pat


I so enjoyed our time together. You are an amazing artist AND teacher. You give so much of yourself, your knowledge and your talent. You should feel a tremendous amount of pride with each piece your students create during their time with you and in the future as it includes so much of your generous spirit.

By Sue Ellen

Heidi has been my inspiration since I started beading six years ago. Her work speaks to me, if you are familiar with Heidi and her work you will understand. Getting to spend a day beading with her at her studio in the beautiful mountains was a real treat. She is so willing to share her beading knowledge and truly wants to help you to succeed and grow in your beading endeavors. I admire Heidi not only as a master bead artist but as a wonderful person. I would recommend her workshop to anyone, not only is it a great learning experience; it is good for the body and soul. Thank you so much Heidi for all your inspiration and insight, I hope to do it again.

By Carol

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

-Benjamin Franklin

A few years ago, I made the trip from Michigan to Colorado to take a private workshop from Heidi. Best decision ever! Two years later, I made the trip again.   

More than step-by-step instructions, Heidi fully involves the student in the beading process. Her gift is not only in the creation of breathtakingly, beautiful beaded items, but in her ability to teach as well.  She invites the student into her world and gives them a tour. 

Thank you, Heidi, for sharing your gift!

By Sally



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